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Data Center

Installing a data center is tough. However, we have a team that knows how to do it with perfection.

Right from the planning on paper to actual execution, we make sure every step has the quality we promise to you.
Racking, cabling, moving, OS installation and finally maintenace. We take care of everything that will make your data center work with ease.

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Standalone Servers

In case you are taking baby steps in your domain, a full-fledged data center may not suit you. What you want then, is a standalone server maintained at a reliable server provider.

We help you get the best deal and install whichever OS and software you want to run your application with zero grim on your face.
We handle following standalone servers :

  • Web Server ( Linux - Apache / Windows - Apache, IIS )
  • Mail Server
  • Database Server ( MySQL )
  • Chat Server ( Jabber )
  • and many more...

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Setting up computer network in your office or school ?

Let us help you make it absolutely secure and robust. We study your premises to make sure no space gets wasted.

No more wires hanging around and tripping you to stumble every time you get any closer to them.

Once set up, the LAN / WAN can be controlled with a few clicks, so you don't need to be a scientist to maintain it yourself.

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